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Most individuals I see are looking for help on finding confidence, increasing happiness, and decreasing the control their perfectionism has on them. I work with many women who feel constantly needed by everyone else but leaving no time or focus for themselves. I really enjoy working with individuals who are seeking change in their life – related to career, social life, personal development,focus and clarity – but don’t know where to start or how to make positive change happen. They want independence and freedom but also a sense of belonging and connection.

I am a believer in self-reflection and concrete direction. I help others create a vision for their goals, plan the steps to achieve, and promote a mindset to match. Other individuals I enjoy working with are those who wish to enhance mindfulness and spiritual awakening through mind coaching and sound and energy healing.

The therapy relationship is different from one of family, or friendships you have or have had in the past. I will support you, guide you, offer a helpful perspective, and celebrate each of your gains. I’ll let you know when you’re jumping to negative conclusions and I’ll do the same when you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. I create a connection with my clients in the first session through my casual tone, conversational communication style, and my ability to make others comfortable almost immediately. ​

Here are some common issues addressed in therapy:

Communication & conflict skills

Recovering from betrayal or trust issues


Body image concerns

Handling emotions

Lifestyle management: eat, move, sleep

Identifying your needs


Difficult family relationships

Low motivation

Creating boundaries with other

Involvement in hobbies and/or social life

Navigating the dating world: committing and breaking up

Healing from painful relationships

Work/life balance

Everyday areas of conflict: finances, housework, sex, etc.

Life transitions: school, career, moving, parenting


Worry, stress, and anxiety

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Beginning a course of therapy may seem intimidating. Especially when involving a partner. You might worry that your partner won’t be open or cooperative, or that the therapist will “take their side” or that the sessions will bring up painful issues that lead to arguments and which never seem to get resolved. Rest assured that even if there are some uncomfortable conversations, your sessions will facilitate healing. I encourage you to simply keep an open mind. I’ll support you both through those difficult emotions with empathy, objectivity, and lightness. You don’t need to commit to a lengthy course of sessions. Try one together, and then decide.

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